Hebrew Roots Resources

I will put my torah in their minds and write it upon their hearts.

  Jeremiah 31:33

Hebrew Roots Resources

I will put my torah in their minds and write it upon their hearts.

  Jeremiah 31:33


Resources for all ages of Believers

Lessons, blogs, videos, and books to teach, bless, and encourage Believers of all ages, whether new to this path or having many years on this path behind you.  

Children's books

The first in a nine book series for children

 Check out our Feast of YHWH book series for children ages 3-7 and Loving My Neighbor for children 6-11. 

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Books for ages 13-100


I Am A Hebrew is essentially for both the seeker and the established believer.  It is also available in Spanish.  

Proclaim My Feasts is a simple, scriptural introduction into each of the Feasts of YHVH. 

 Both books can be downloaded on your mobile reader at  Smashwords.com.


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Loving My Neighbor

 "My daughters love the stories in Loving My Neighbor, they make the Torah come alive for us!  Looking forward to more of your books."  Jenny Lang,

     " I just wanted to thank you so much for putting into words this blessed journey we are on and making it explainable to children."  reader in Ohio

     "This book is great!"  Melanie

I Am A Hebrew

 "We  want to let you know how much have enjoyed and benefited from your I  am a Hebrew book.    Since we have shared the book with others  and each said they could not put it down as it answered so many of their  questions about Torah, Sabbath and much more. Thank You for taking time to put your studies to writing.   P. Cox

Soy Un Hebreo

We were just recently contacted by a brother in Peru who asked us to send multiple copies for him to share with others in his village.  We look forward to hearing what YHVH is doing in Peru!  DeAnna

Feasts of YHWH for Children series

"Our son loves this book!  He wants us to read it to him nearly every night.  The pictures are delightful and the story is amazing!  We are so excited for the remaining books to be available!"  reader in OK

"OMG!  When will the rest of the books in this series be available?!"  D. Lane

Proclaim My Feasts

"Thank you, DeAnna, for putting this topic in an easy to read book.  You helped us learn what God says about His feasts and seperate it from the traditions of man.  Thank you."  R Fields


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