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Welcome to Seven Lamps Ministries!Welcome to Seven Lamps Ministries!

Women of Valor ladies' conference

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Registration is filling up fast for our July 10-12 conference.  Register today!  

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Woman of Valor Conference

We welcome you to join us for a conference focused on encouraging the daughters in the Body of Messiah to become women of valor in all areas of their lives.  

Whether we are 12 or 112 years old we all have a lot to learn about being the woman that Yah (God) created each of us to be.  Let's grow into our roles together!  

Main Speaker

This year our main speaker will be Dottie Garrison from Lubbock, Texas.  She will be presenting on the deeper meanings of Proverbs 31 as found in the Hebrew language.  You won't want to miss this opportunity to be blessed and encouraged by these lessons!   

Other Speakers

Other speakers this year include DeAnna Willman, Kimberly McAdams, Alyse Folwer,  and Anna Johnson . 

 Praise leaders are Cari Collins and Marnie Polley.  


   This year's conference will be held in the brand new Broken Spur Event Center in Levelland, Texas, just 30 miles west of Lubbock.  

  Special rates have been reserved at the newly renovated and beautiful Holiday Inn in Levelland for participants of this conference.  If you are coming from out of town, grab another friend or two or three and share the hotel room!  Hot breakfast is included in the hotel rate.  Call today to make your room reservations and let them know you are with the Woman of Valor Conference.   806 894 8555 


The price for registration is $85.  This price includes two catered meals. Young women under the age of twenty accompanied by an adult are $50 per person.   So don't wait!  Register today!  To register, please see instructions below.

Nursing babies only, no child care provided.  

photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

Woman of Valor

Additional Information

     Woman of Valor Conferences are established and presented to encourage, teach, challenge, and bless the daughters of God (YHWH) in living the best lives they can for Him.  We strive to present topics and studies that will help each woman grow and thrive in her various roles in life.  

     Woman of Valor Conferences will present only the truth of scripture (the whole scripture) as the authoritative Word of God (YHWH) and our guide to living in obedience to Him.  2 Timothy 3:16

     We recognize the Hebrew names of our God (YHWH) and His Son Jesus (Yeshua) and will often use them interchangeably.  We recognize that Jesus/Yeshua is the only way to salvation and we strive to live lives worthy of His gospel.  Acts 4:12   We also recognize that we have been called to be modest in our dress and gentle in our speech.  We expect the same from all who attend the conference.  

     This conference is not for you if:

1)  you are quick to take offense at how someone does or does not say God's name or our Savior's name.  Or are quick to take offense at anything someone says or does that you do not personally like or believe.   Leviticus 19:18

2)  You cannot listen and be respectful of others' ideas and understandings    Phil 2:3

3)  You do not believe in the deity of our Messiah Jesus/Yeshua   Acts 2:22-36

4)  You feel that everyone should be worshiping, praying, praising, dressing, etc. exactly as you do.   

5)  You feel the need to forcefully share with others your personal beliefs regarding anything, especially things that are not scriptural.  1 Timothy 4:7

6)  You are not willing to dig deep into scripture and grow as a woman.  

Anyone disrupting the conference, creating an atmosphere of division, or causing others to feel unwelcome or unsafe will be escorted out of the conference and will not be allowed to return.   It is our prayer that we will all be mature and loving in relating with one another so that we never experience having to ask anyone to leave.  


To register:

1)  click on the CONTACT page link at the top of this page.   

2) Fill out the email information and include your name, best contact by phone or email, number of people you are registering and each one's name and general age (teen, 20-30, 31-40, etc),

     If you wish to have a vendor table, ($10) please include that information, as well.  

3) Send us the email and 

4) then pay your total registration fee by using the PayPal button on the same page.  If you need to pay by money order or check, send to Seven Lamps Ministries 2026 Harvard, Levelland, Tx 79336.  

     We will contact you with a confirmation email that will include  more helpful info for planning your time with us.   May God bless you!